islamda büyüsel düşünmenin yeri (magical thinking in islam)

some people claim that the percentage of people who believe in islam account for 99 percent of Turkish pupulation. but i believe that 99 percent only can account for people who never read quran.

in this article i will discuss how people believe in magic instead of god with some examples.

1-)praying with words that they do not know.

i think(definitely god knows better of course, alimallah) it must be considered insult to the god and our brain.  it is the fact that we are not a parrot. and our brain suppose to interact with the way that we ask from god.

2-)asking people to forgive them instead of asking from the god

“Asking Halal” is the way that people ask for forgiveness from other person. it is definitely good i can not disagree but actually at first we should ask mercy from the God instead of the other person. and even if the other person says it is okey i forgive you, i think it does not mean they forgive you all the time.

i have worked for 3 months with another teacher and i was sure that i work at least 30 percent more than my colleague and i was planning to resign from my job and my collegue asked me to “halal”. he toldly thinks that if i say it is okey he will go to the heaven.

3-)Attributing symbols too much is one of the indicator that shows you are thinking in irrational, magical way.

as a result i believe that praying must be for the god and person who pray also be able to know that god is more intelligent than google search engine and listen to them who asking from god.

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